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PV Measurements (PVM) is not presently offering new reference cells, QE / IPCE / Spectral Response systems, cell I-V measurement systems, uniformity mappers, or spectroradiometers.  However, we still strive to support almost all the products we have ever made.  We also sell used equipment from time to time.  PVM wishes to support its customers as they transition us all to solar energy.

Technical Support Forum

Your first resource is the manual that was provided with the equipment.  For further assistance with measurement techniques, repairs, modifications, data interpretation, noise reduction, and calibration, please visit our technical support forum at groups.io using this link.  The group description at groups.io explains how to join the forum.  PV Measurements monitors the forum and provides responses.  Users can help each other resolve many issues.

PV Module Testers

PVM can offer module testers with unique features for some specialized applications, including high voltage, slow sweep speed, and non-contact I-V curves.  Please enquire by email using “halden” at our domain name.

Used Equipment

We sometimes know about used systems for sale; feel free to contact us if you’re searching for a used PVM system or have one that’s surplus to your needs.


The silicon calibration photodiodes provided with PVM QE systems have shown themselves to be stable for many years.  However, it is still a good idea to have these recalibrated periodically.  Recalibration is available from CANMET in Canada and NIST in USA.

IR photodiodes provided with PVM QE systems that have infrared range extensions might not be as stable as the silicon photodiodes.  Thus, periodic recalibration of these devices may be even more important, depending on the application’s accuracy requirements. 


PVM has a small number of test fixtures and other accessories for sale.  Please enquire by email using “halden” at our domain name and tell us about your needs.

Replacement and Spare Parts

Many components that cannot be repaired can be replaced.  Many parts are still available.  In some cases, PV Measurements can offer used and/or refurbished components, including filter wheels, xenon arc lamp power supplies, and ignitors for xenon arc lamps.  Please enquire by email using “halden” at our domain name.

Replacement and Spare Lamps

Almost all lamps used in PVM products are available from vendors found on the internet.  We recommend that users purchase only from vendors capable of assuring that lamps are genuine products manufactured by the same companies that made the original lamps.  Users of PVM equipment have had bad experiences with counterfeit, “compatible”, and “replacement for” lamps.

Repair Service

We can repair many components of I-V and QE systems that we built.  Please enquire by email using “halden” at our domain name.

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